Enough is Enough. Kate Upton is Hotter Than Emma Stone

“But what was surprising was men’s clear preference for the milder, more family-friendly personality in their romantic lives. When asked which celebrity men would want their girlfriend to be more like, media darlings Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence both beat out Kate Upton

23% Kate Upton 31% Emma Stone 32% Jennifer Lawrence 10% Tina Fey 4% Kerry Washington” – Yahoo



Wrong. Wrong. Look I like Emma Stone. She’s definitely hot. She seems witty and down to Earth. She made out with Gosling, so she’s obviously doing something right. But to say that you would rather her be your girlfriend over Kate Upton is downright inappropriate. It’s lewd, lascivious, salacious, outrageous! Not only was Kate Upton born one day after me, but she’s a MODEL. Maybe she won’t have a sarcastic comeback for everything you say, but she will be the hottest 21 year old on the planet. Plus she’s got a rack that could melt a popsicle. No offense to Emma, but you belong in the minor league version of this conversation. Leave the top spots for the pro’s.

– Ryan

P.S. I’ll gladly take Jennifer Lawrence as my consolation prize.

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