The Usos Personify Tag Team Wrestling


Last night was WWE’s Money In The Bank pay per view. And let me start by saying that this was the best ppv, behind Wrestlemania, the WWE has put on all year and probably most of last year. The MITB ppv was packed full of excitement from the minute it went live to the moment it ended. But what I want to talk about is the half hour before the ppv began, what I want to talk about is the WWE app exclusive pre-show, what I want to talk about is The Usos vs. The Shield.

When the Usos debuted in the WWE I was excited to hear that a true-to-form tag team was going on the RAW roster. An actual team, not like these other “Frankenstein” tag teams that are thrown together by the GM at the last minute. (Don’t get me wrong I think Jeri-show was an all-time tag team) The Usos got their 15 minutes of fame and then were banished to NXT, Superstars, and the other nothing WWE TV shows. I was upset to say the least. But now they are back, and back with a vengeance, and I am one happy little man-boy.

The match they put on last night with The Shield gave me hope for the future of the tag team division in WWE. The match was pure lightning from the bell to the Power Bomb/Superplex (the best spot I’ve seen since Cena was put through the spot light at backlash in 2009)

All I can say is go watch the match and pray that WWE has the sense to keep them in the spotlight. They have something special on their hands and it would be a shame to see them go the way of the Colons.


PS- That’s what I do!!!!!!!!

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