I May Have Just Found The Newest Pop Sensation

I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but when I retire from the force I may have a second career in the musical industry. If I’m able to find a band with as much talent as these three, then I have to believe that the sky’s the limit. As far as the three blind mice go, their passion for music comes right through the screen. No fans? No problem. No venue? Don’t need it. Get these guys an open field and a shit ton of cows and you have the equivalent of The Rolling Stones in the 70’s. You know you’re good when you don’t even incorporate any words into your songs. All they need is a drum set, a couple of saxophones and the combined musical talents that literally make animals run for their lives.

– Ryan

P.S. Get me that that saxophone player on the left’s shirt. It’s still 1960 to him god dammit.

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