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One of our favorite hobbies at Average Nobodies is scouring the internet for new and awesome videos. Constantly trying to find videos to one-up each other.  But, no matter how many new videos we find they can’t replace our all-time favorites.  So without further adieu, here are some of RFMV’s favorite Internet Videos.

Debbie Downer Disney World Sketch

The funniest 6:10 on the internet. Debbie Downer is a highly underrated sketch on Saturday Night Live, featuring Rachel Dratch as Debbie Downer. The concept is self explanatory, and while it appeared on many different episodes, the Disney World sketch is far and away the funniest. Pay special attention to Horatio Sanz in the yellow shirt and Jimmy Fallon in blue. If it’s good enough to make professional comedians lose their shit, then it’s good enough for me. Plus, you get to stare at pre-DUI Lohan.


Kazoo Jurassic Park Theme

One of the most blindsidingly [not a word] funny videos on the internet.  This video completely takes you by surprise!  They title may give you an idea of what your going to be watching, but you have no idea what you in for until the :10 mark when the creator blows the funny bone right out of your body.

“They do move in herds”


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