The Muscle Hamster Isn’t Impressed

LeBron James has won two NBA championships and four MVP awards, but a fellow Florida athlete apparently isn’t impressed.And by indicating as much on Twitter, Doug Martin of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers may have become Cleveland’s second-favorite NFL running back entering his second season (behind only the Cleveland Browns’ Trent Richardson).Late Sunday night, Martin tweeted that meeting James “was as glorious as watching paint dry.” Martin later responded to user comments by saying James was “rude.”

“Meeting @KingJames was as glorious as watching paint”

— Doug Martin (@DougMartin22) July 8, 2013

Douggie apparently found Lebron to be “rude” and wasn’t impressed when meeting him.  This caused a twitter frenzy with everyone joining in on the big “hate Lebron fest”.  And NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY likes a chance to lay into Lebron more than the city of Cleveland.

“The Browns should trade for him,” wrote Cleveland fan @LarryFletcher. “His picture should go up on the building where LeBron’s use to be.”

Ok Larry, take it easy, you guys can’t have him! Doug belongs in Florida with rest of his crew. Be happy with Trent Richardson, until he leaves you like everyone else does.

And Lebron….


..don’t be sad that Douggie doesn’t wanna hang out with you.  Go play with your trophies instead…or count your headbands.


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