Ryan & George: Best Friends Forever

“Buzz is bubbling up that George Clooney, 52, is single again. Clooney, who has been dating Stacy Keibler, 33,  for the past two years, have apparently called it quits. According to RadarOnline, the two were last seen together in public on March 16 in Germany. This past holiday weekend, Clooney was spotted at his Lake Como estate in Italy without her on July 4th. And Keibler posted a photo of herself in Malibu on July 3. She’s is busy working on her new Lifetime TV show, Supermarket Superstar, premiering July 22. He’s working on the film, Monuments Men. People mag reports that it was Stacy’s doing because she “wants to have children and a family someday,” a source says.  No official word from either camp.” – USA Today

So you’re saying theres a chance. Classic Clooney, breaking up with one of the hottest girls in the world on America’s birthday. Its really insane how quickly guys like him and Leo and John Mayer go through girls. With that said, now is my time to prove to George that we should be best friends. He’s vulnerable, needs a strong male influence to get through this tough time. I feel like if Clooney gave me a chance, I could be the Chris O’Donnell to his Batman. He doesn’t realize it now, but having me around would greatly increase my opportunity of hooking up with world famous supermodels. I could cook him Ryan’s special eggs every morning, and whenever he seduces a lucky lady, I could.lend him my special mix tape to set the mood.

Just think about it George. You have everything in the world except a best friend. Let me be that best friend.

– Ryan

P.S. These are the lengths I’m willing to go for my best friend. A+ in heart.


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