I Need an SNL Celebrity Jeopardy DVD

This weekend I had a discussion with a few of my amigo’s (or I had a dream. Either scenario is possible. I drank a lot this weekend) about why SNL has never released a Celebrity Jeopardy dvd. Watch that :30 second clip. Now imagine that kind of universal humor, only this time its part of a two hour dvd. I’ve never been one to toot my own horn, but toot toot baby. An SNL Celebrity Jeopardy dvd would sell like hot cakes. You have its greatest performer, Will Ferrell, plus a ridiculous supporting cast all absolutely nailing dumb downed version of celebrities. Its one of the best recurring skits in SNL history, and the needy side of me wants that greatness at the tips of my fingers. Enough of the sports extra skits or the commercial parodies dvd’s. We want Celebrity Jeopardy. Seacrest out.

– Ryan

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