Naked & Afraid Is The Definition of Must-See TV


After Nick Walenda walked across the fucking Grand Canyon on a wire last night, The Discovery Channel aired the premiere episode of their new series, Naked & Afraid. The.concept is simple: two strangers, one man one woman, have to survive 21 days in a remote location without food, water, tools or clothes. Last nights premiere featured 40 year old Shane and 22 year old Kim (pictured above) who had to survive 21 days in the Costa Rican jungle. To say that this show is must see TV would be the understatement of the century. Sexual tension, snakes, fires and so many ass shots that youd think you were watching a C grade porno. All the ingredients for a emmy winning series. People always ask me what are the missing elements in great TV shows and 10 out of 10 times I tell them that they need more bare ass shots. Well Naked & Afraid has given me more bare ass shots than I can handle. Throw in the fact that Shane came from a broken home and is clearly mentally unstable, and you have yourself one of the best hours on TV. I cant wait for next week.


P.S. If you have a chance google “naked and afraid snake bite”. You’re welcome.

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  1. Shane snaps and kills Kim half way through episode 3. Calling it now.

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