No I Don’t Have the Urge to Drink Out of a Toilet, Thanks.

Newest candy in from Japan, sipping out of a toilet? Puke.

HuffPo- Got the urge to drink out of the toilet? Thank goodness for Moko Moko Mokoletto, a bizarre Japanese candy creation. Watch as weird confectionary aficionado RRcherrypie demonstrates how to assemble the mini commode, sprinkle in the mystery powder, add water to the back of the tiny tank and see foam rise in the bowl like fast-action toilet cleaner. Mmm, looks delicious. Now slurp it up with the straw making serious toilet noises, because that’s not at all strange. Talk about having a potty mouth.

This is the worst idea since a Stan Lee Fragrance, it bette rnot make it to the states.

-Sean Lite-

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  1. I must have one…

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