I’m Ready For Superman To Hurt Me Again


In 2006 I went through one of the worst heartaches I ever felt.  That year Superman Returns hit the big screen.  It was the first Superman movie to come out since I have been born into this world.  The movie trailers flirted with me and I took the bait; Hook, line, and sinker.  “Brandon Routh has the Superman look”, I convinced myself.  “Kevin Spacey is going to be a badass Lex Luthor” I shouted from the rooftops.  I was so excited to see this movie that my friends and I even broke curfew to see it.  The opening credits rolled and the movie began…154 minutes later I woke up.  Not sure what just happened, I looked to my friends.  None of them had been able to bare what was just put in front of them either.  Superman had raped us…raped us real good.  I felt like the time I got invited to prom by a popular girl and got red paint dumped on my head…just completely embarrassed.

Superman had scared me so bad I wasn’t ready to love again… until now.  Man of Steel is in theaters and I’m ready to open myself back up.  But this seems all too familiar. Henry Cavill has the Superman look and Michael Shannon looks to be a very convincing and intense villain.  I don’t like where this road is headed, but I will try to love again.

Tonight at 8pm, I have a date with Clark Kent.


P.S. I’m pretty sure I was roofied when I saw Superman Returns.


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