Life Lessons From Yoko Ono


It’s Friday. Let’s get Yoked.

“@yokoono: This is an invisible tree safe from somebody trying to cut it down.”

– Starting it off white hot. If there’s a type of person I hate in this world, it’s the large population of people trying to cut down invisible trees. Where do you get off trying to destroy these invisible trees? Don’t you know invisible animals rely on the shelter these invisible trees provide? Yoko always looking out for those in need, especially if they’re invisible. (The scariest part of this tweet: 400 RTs. Dangerously insane people)

“@yokoono: All of us will very soon be able to grow back every part of our body.”

– I can’t blame Yoko on this one. I mix up lizards and humans all the time. And who’s to say that some lizard man living  in the Amazon isn’t already running around naked regenerating limbs like some kind of sorcerer. I wouldn’t be surprised if Clooney could already do it. Oh my sweet Clooney

“@yokoono: I had a dream in which beautiful, pure stars, millions of them, were sparkling and filling a large, large space.”

– You don’t have to dream anymore Yoko! There is a sky, and millions of stars too! I have dreams about taking Jennifer Lawrence to nice seafood dinners, meanwhile Yoko over here is dreaming about stars in the sky. You tell me who the crazy one is.

Stay frosty.

– Ryan

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