Thought I’d Go to the Crime Page of the Huff-Po, Don’t Know What I Was Expecting

Figured I don’t check out the crime section very much, thought I’d venture into uncharted waters. Welp, I dont know why I’m surprised, Rhode Island has done it again. If Rhode Island (the average nobodies’ home state) isn’t known for corruption by now, it soon will be. A vocational school for developmentally disabled kids has been busted for running a jewelry sweat shop. Are you kidding me? Does it get any lower? That’s gotta be down there with elephant poachers and people to club baby seals right?

I’m not familiar with the school but at this point I feel you pretty much have to shut it down. I mean there’s no recovering from that, lost all trust the with community. Best thing you can do is close up shop and use the grounds for a new olympic curling facility. (can’t wait)

-Sean Lite-

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