Stanley Cup Finals Preview

Tonight marks game 1 of the 2013 Stanley Cup Finals between two original 6 teams, the Boston Bruins and the Chicago Blackhawks.

I for one cannot be more excited for this series. I’m a die hard Bruins fan, my old man took me to the old garden to see them play, I have a Terry O’Reilly jersey, and Pie McKenzies’s autograph. So naturally that’s who I’m rooting for here. I also have a special place in my tiny heart for the Blackhawks. Keith Carney is a family friend, I reffed Tony Amonte’s son, and I consider Chris Chelios an American hero. So this series will be very fun for me to watch personally.

As far as hockey goes we’ve got 2 hard nosed, skilled teams with absolute walls in net. It will no doubt be a grind. The teams match up pretty equally from top to bottom. The winner here will be dependent on who’s more headstrong and which goalie doesn’t get rattled. I’m going with Boston in 6.

However, one thing I look forward to after every NHL playoff series is the handshake. Pure respect after beating the shit out of each other for 4-7 games. These are two great hockey towns so I expect if one team should win the cup on enemy ice there will be an applause. But you have to account for the boo’s of that Antichrist, Gary Bettman.

Words cannot describe how psyched the home crowds will be. The fact that no team from the east has played a team from the west even adds an element of mystery. RL Stine couldn’t have written a better script. Anyways, I hope this got at least 3 people pumped for the series and if you wanna talk hockey hit me up.


PS last time the Bruins won the cup I got black out drunk at the parade and was 4 hours late for my own college graduation party, boom.

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