Tuesday Tech Talk – PS4 vs. XBOX ONE

With E3 currently underway we have finally been able to get access to the full specs and prices of the next generation consoles coming out this fall.  These, of course, being the Playstation 4 and Xbox One.


The Rundown

Price > Xbox One ~ $499 —- Playstation 4 ~ $399
Blu-ray > Xbox One ~ YES —– Playstation 4 ~ YES
Storage > Xbox One ~ 500GB—-Playstation 4 ~ 500GB
Motion Control > Xbox One ~ Kinect (Included) —- Playstation 4 ~ Move  (Included)
Innards > Xbox One ~ 8-core x86 AMD—Playstation 4 ~ 8-core x86 AMD
Ram > Xbox One ~ 8GB DDR3 ——-Playstation 4 ~ 8GB GDDR5
Real-time Game Streaming > Xbox One ~ Twitch —Playstation 4 ~ Ustream
Release Dates >  Xbox One ~ Fall/Winter 2013 — Playstation 4 ~ Fall/Winter 2013

Pretty evenly matched as far as hardware goes, now lets look my “Tops” and “Flops” for each:

Xbox One

Tops: The Xbox One sports HDMI out capability, just like any of the new consoles out will.  But, what makes the Xbox special is that it also has a HDMI in.  This lets you to connect your cable box directly into your Xbox One.  Allowing you to bypass your cable TV guide interface and use the Xbox One’s (Which will be significantly better and more customizable).  Save your favorite stations for easy switching and possibly even turn your Xbox into a 500GB DVR (This is a rumor…that I am starting).

Flops: Besides having to pay for online gaming, the biggest downfall to this awesome new system…no more used games!  This means one license per customer. BOOOOOOOOOOO

Playstation 4

Tops: First off $100 cheaper, win in my book. And, unlike its rival, the Playstation will allow you to bring your game to a friends house. YESSSSSSSSSSS

Flops: Taking away free online play and not much advancement in the motion control department. (Xbox One’s Kinect seems like it might destroy it’s Sony counter-part, but this doesn’t bother me)


Personally I am going to go with the PS4 from Day-one.  The system is cheaper and has better titles coming out.  What I see is that the PS4 is a game console at its heart and the Xbox One is trying to be your all-in-one media center with a game console built-in.  That feature is good for some people, but not for me when I am looking to buy a game system.

For the full cnet review click here


P.S. Just got my hands on a WiiU.  My personal review to come soon.

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