Making the Rest of Us Look Bad

First off, I have had the same rubik’s cube for 12 years and I have yet to solve it. Secondly, go fuck yourself buddy.  Making the rest of us look like helmet-wearing drooling idiots.  “Ronni Rubik’s Cube” over here is lucky that Biebs decided to go into space or else he would be my main target.  Look at his hands, I can’t even see him twisting the cubes.  This has to be the most impressive juggling act I have ever seen.  Some people would argue flaming swords is, but i’m not convinced.  Flaming swords are way less dangerous than they look (I am basing this off of the 2 times i’ve seen it done).  Hey big shot, i’d like to see how your gonna outdo yourself now.


P.S. Robots will be doing this with 5 cubes before you can blink.  Enjoy the spotlight while you still can.

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