I Got a Fever, and the Only Prescription, is More Pharoah!

I am a huge fan of sketch comedy, have been for quite some time. All That, Chapelle’s Show, Kroll Show, Madd TV, you name it, I probably have watched it.  But no sketch comedy show even touches the caliber of Saturday Night Live.  Saturday NIght Live has been a titan in the Sketch comedy industry since the 70’s.  Every great comedy star has come from SNL roots, and you haven’t made it in this world unless you have hosted or were a musical guest on the show.  With that being said, SNL is seriously dropping the ball on Jay Pharoah.  The guy, who me and me friends joke, does his quota of one sketch and then thats it.  The video below shows that he is more than just a Obama impersonator. Check him KILL a Lil Wayne Impression on the XM Radio Show ‘Sway in the Morning’.


P.S. That was better than anything Lil Wayne has put out since the ‘No Ceilings’ mix tape

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