Oh, What a Wonderful Time of the Year!

The sun’s out, birds are chirping, bears are murdering penguins, and we are 90 days away from the kickoff of the 2013 NFL season!  In case you use other units of measure: That’s 3 months, 2,160 hours, 129,600 minutes, 7,776,000 seconds, and 39.7392° N, 104.9842° W (Coordinates of Denver, CO, the opening game).  While i’m stoked (bringing back ‘Stoked’) for the all the teams to hit the field I am more excited for what that means for me and 9 of my friends; FANTASY FOOTBALL.  Now, while players are putting in their blood, sweat, and tears in OTA’s and mini camps, I, the commish of our league, am working tirelessly to get the league dusted off and firing on all cylinders.  Besides the beginning of head 2 head action, this is the most exciting time of fantasy football for these 3 reasons:

  1. Developing Team Names – Brainstorming fantasy team names is pretty much on my mind year-round.  It is the ultimate complement to a dominant team.  Lets face it, you’ve never seen “The Red Cucumbers” win fantasy gold; have you?  It’s the team names dripping in irony and double meanings that capture the hearts and jealousy of everyone in your league.  Some of my past names include: The California Cool Dollars, The Virginia Convicks, Corn on the Kolbs, and the Psychotic Penguins.  Some pretty awesome names, if i do say so myself (And I DO!).  But, this year, I have really outdone myself.  The team that will lead me to victory is……Attempted Murder!
  2. Draft Strategies –  While, this is where the majority of my sleep deprivation comes from, I love cooking up a good draft strategy.  RB, RB, RB, QB? TE, RB, QB? K, K, K, D/ST? The possibilities are endless! While others will tell you your way is wrong, don’t listen, because you’re ALL wrong,’cept me.
  3. Trash Talking – Warm up those vocal cords and practice your typing, because this is the beginning of trash talking for fantasy football.  While the ASSHOLE (you know who you are) who won your league last year thinks his luck will carry over into this season, ada….HE…he is out of his mind.  It’s anyones game (even you John Lynch) and your smack talk should reflect that.

So log on, pick an name, and flaunt what the good lord gave you. It’s a beautiful time to be alive.


P.S. This is also sleeper season, keep those peepers open.

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