Just What the Doctor Ordered: Part 2

Domino’s Pizza is introducing it’s next delivery gimmick as a “domicopter”, a flying drone that will deliver your pizza to your doorstep.

Looks like its time for me to invest in a rifle. I’m gonna sit on my front porch and pick these bad boys outta the sky for sport. Yea, I’ll probably indulge in one here and there, but the real fun lies in fucking up Domino’s plan to become the real world version of Skynet.

But seriously do we really need flying pizzas? How do you even pay one of these things? Give them the wrong address, intercept the drone, take pizza, make profit.

A wise man once said “retro fit one of these with a taco holder and I’ll change my tune”. Or something like that.

-Sean Lite-

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  1. Not to gloat, but I could def intercept that thing and take control of it. They’d call me the red bandit of stealing pizzas. Just on my front lawn with a laptop and a wireless router picking these things out of the sky.

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