Robb Stark is a Baby Back Bitch

Game of Thrones spoiler alert.


I’m not going to sit here and tell you last night’s episode surprised me. I didn’t know when or where Robb and his dime piece were gonna die but it was pretty obvious they weren’t long for the world. But seriously that’s how you go out? C’mon man. Your mother at least took someone with her. You just stood there like a baby back bitch while your woman got stabbed repeatedly in the baby maker. Your father would’ve been ashamed. Ned would’ve taken at least five goons with him and if not, he would’ve gotten to Frey and chopped both his head and his one off.

Anyways that’s what you get when you mess with my boy Tywin.

Which brings me to my next point. If Tywin Lannister get killed by anything short of a dragon I’ll quit the show. Only thing that kills Tywin is a dragon or I’m out. Your move, Thrones.

-Sean Lite-

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