I Have a Woody for this Woolly

…A paleontological expedition from the Research Institute of Applied Ecology of the North, North-Eastern Federal University, and the Russian Geographical Society discovered a female mammoth in a remarkably good state of preservation in the Novosibirsk archipelago in Siberia. North-Eastern Federal University has partnered with controversial South Korean cloning scientist Hwang Woo-Suk (who was found to have faked data involving a procedure to clone human embryonic stem cells) for a mammoth-cloning effort… – CNet


Scanning through my G+ feed this morning I stumbled across this article and I immediately got a science hard-on.  A Woolly Mammoth just chilling (quite literally) in Siberia.  The ancient giant is so well intact that its muscle tissue and blood almost perfectly preserved. “The fragments of muscle tissues, which we’ve found out of the body, have a natural red color of fresh meat” (Full article here)  This of course led me to one interesting thought…..Mammoth Chili! No, I kid, i kid.  Cloning of course! and these researchers had the same idea.  So much so, they are enlisting the help of cloning “bad-boy” Hwang Woo-Suk (What a name) to help them out.  So what does this mean for the future? It means that I am going to have a Woolly Mammoth, Kevin, to help guard my collection of Ferraris.



P.S. Do I smell a real life Jurassic Park?

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