Just Your Average Sword vs. Nunchuck Fight in an Abandoned Field

It’s all fun and games until you get hit in the throat with a nunchuck. That will stop you in your tracks any day of the week. I gotta say when I started this video I truly had no idea what to expect. You have two semi grown men, one dressed as Inspector Gadget and the other as an extremely overweight Robin Hood. To say they delivered would be the understatement of the century. Frankly I can’t understand a word either of them are saying, and this literally looked like it was filmed in the middle of nowhere.

With that said, how does the kid with the sword not beat the kid with the nunchuk’s? Unless your facing an actual ninja, there is no way in hell you you even let the nunchuk’s get near your throat. Constant stabbing motions until you finally get him, right in the heart. I must say I do love the pageantry. There are method actors and then their are these guys. Putting it all on the line, not for the glory, but for the love of the fight.

P.S. If this is what me and my friends look like when we fake wrestle at the bars then I’m never drinking again.

– Ryan

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