Dear Oscars: Let NPH host. Sincerely, The World.

It’s Barney Stinson’s world and we’re just living in it. My super-secret source (the internet) has learned that Neil Patrick Harris has been confirmed to host the Emmy Awards this September. I must say, I’m very excited about it. NPH was a great host back in 2009, and I fully expect him to tear down the house this September. While I’d love to ponder what skits he’ll be performing or TV show charcters he’ll be spoofing, this article shall serve another purpose. That purpose can be summed up in one eloquently written sentence. Why the fuck is Neil Patrick Harris not hosting the Oscars?

The last few years, the show has, for a lack of a better word, sucked. I think Seth McFarlane is a great comedian, but no one wants to watch a 3 hour celebrity bash fest (check the ratings). Is Lindsay Lohan a whore? Of course. Is Chris Brown a douchebag? Sure. Do celebrities get an insane amount of DUI’s even though they have enough money to hire a helicopter pilot to take them home? Sweet Jesus yes. But I don’t tune into the Oscars to hear about that shit. Leave that to TMZ. The beauty of Hollywood is their ability to immerse the audience in a fairytale universe. The Oscar’s should be no different. Keep the monologues short, make the skits longer, and show more George Clooney (personal preference). To make this type of show successful you need a multi-talented host who can handle the 3+ hour workload and make it look easy. Billy Crystal and Steve Martin are too old. McFarlane is young enough, but his style clearly doesn’t mesh with the Oscar format. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler killed at the Golden Globes, but after the last duo (Hathaway and Franco), I think we should stick with a single host. Jimmy Fallon and Ellen Degeneres are both strong candidates, but with NPH’s hosting experience and flawless public image, I believe he is the superior choice. He knows how award shows work, and he doesn’t need to be overly mean to get a laugh. He is the master of comebacks, and besides maybe Ellen, he is the most supported openly gay actor in the entertainment industry. Most of all, he deserves it. He can sing, he can dance, and he’s portrayed two of the most memorable characters in television history. Doogie Howser had his time in the spotlight, and so has Barney Stinson. Now it’s time for Neil Patrick Harris to have his.


P.S. For those of you who don’t want to wait until September to see NPH dominate an awards show, he is also scheduled to host the 2013 Tony Awards (his 4th time hosting) on the greatest day of the year, June 9th . (my birthday).

P.P.S: All of this is null and void if the Oscars can secure Bill Paxton. Always go with Bill Paxton.

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