Four Day Work Week

Having a 5 day work week is absolutely horrendous. I’m realizing this a day after a long weekend as I’m sitting in a meeting not giving a bakers fuck what anyone is saying. I can see the look on everyone else’s face too. No one wants to be here. Now granted, yes this week we’ve only got 4 days til our sacred weekend is upon us, but I think we should make a permanent switch. 9 or 10 hour days? 4 days a week? Ill make that sacrifice.

I lived in China for 6 months and yeah I worked 5 days a week but the hours were the tits. 10-6 with a 2 hour lunch break?! It’s like Zeus himself created a working day in China.

Maybe I’m just bitter and selfish, but I just do not want the responsibility of working…for 5 days in a row.

About bernooo

I am a 22 year old American living in China for six months, learning amongst architects and designers in the fast paced city of Shanghai.

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