Yoko Ono is Insane

For those of you who don’t know, Yoko Ono is an important historical figure. Is she an 80 year old Japanese woman? Yes, yes she is. But she was also married to John Lennon, fought for world peace and female equality, and when you type her name in google, the first search term that comes up is “yoko ono grapefuit”. Also, she’s insane, and I have the tweets to prove it. It’s Friday, lets explore twitter through the eyes of Yoko Ono.

@yokoono: We are sky people as well as being earthlings. Remember we are all walking in the sky every day as well as on earth.

Are we though? Are we really sky people? Also, calling people “earthlings” doesn’t help the fact that people already think your from another planet. I think two tweets is enough for this week, but I hope Yoko’s inspiration gets you through your Friday. And Yoko, don’t you ever stop tweeting, you crazy son of a bitch.


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