Hollywood, and It’s Lack of Creativity

“Richard Linklater hopes to start shooting the “spiritual sequel” to his film Dazed and Confused this fall, the director confirmed during an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit yesterday. Describing the film as “a college comedy,” Linklater added, “I feel like mixing it up with a big ensemble.”  As The A.V. Club points out, Linklater’s been talking about the Dazed and Confused sequel for quite some time now, with the film almost going into production under the title That’s What I’m Talking About. Linklater said back in 2010 that while he had financing in place for the film, he was still searching for a distributor.  The movie will reportedly take place over the course of a weekend at a college in 1980, and while it attempts to capture the style and feel of Dazed and Confused, Linklater has said that none of the characters from the original will reappear.”  -Jon Blistein, Rollingstone

Say it ain’t so.  While it does appear that the film will be a sequel in the sense of a 2nd feature coming from the director of Dazed and Confused, as opposed to using the same cast, time period, and theme, the green light of this movie is the perfect example of Hollywood’s lack of creativity.

Now, who doesn’t love Dazed and Confused?  That movie is all time.  There isn’t a single element of the film that can be complained about.  The cast, plot, time period, and even the soundtrack all work together so cohesively, it draws praise from a range of generations.  Even though the movie was set in a time before it was released, it remains relatable to any and everyone who’s gone to high school, and (hopefully) it will for a long time.

Grab your phone, and look at movies currently in theaters and/or coming soon.  Iron Man 3, Fast 6, The Hangover 3, The Great Gatsby, Star Trek, Man of Steel, Monsters University, Despicable Me 2, etc.  The list goes on of movies coming out that are sequels or remakes.  It begs the question, who has an original thought?   Now, I won’t get too high and mighty because I’ll probably burn some of my cash to see half of them,  but that’s the exact reason why they’re being made, the all mighty dollar, because we’ll all see them.  The fact that these movies come out in mass production these days should highlight original films coming out like “Only God Forgives” and “Elysium” (just two off the top of my head), but it drowns them.  I won’t go on some Indie movie crusade because I love a good superhero movie just as much as the next guy, but I’d like to leave you with saying, next time you go to the movies, do a little research on what you might want to see, have an open mind, and just see the damn thing.


PS: If there’s one movie that may or may not still be in theaters right now that’s worth the 2 hours and 10 bucks, it’s Place Beyond the Pines.  Take your lady too, it’s got Gosling and Cooper in it, dynamic duo.

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  1. Dazed and Confused is the ultimate, “I wish life was always like this”, Movie.

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