Everyone Poops

Ok so some asshole at a Houston Astros game decided to he was going to get a vendor fired for simply relieving himself in the bathroom. This guy decides he’s going to film this poor employee pooping! Oh and I guess it needs to be mentioned the vendor brought his product into the stall with him, sno cones. Semantics if you ask me but this fan decides he’s going to rat on the guy and get him fired. Well guess what asshole fan, everyone poops; Taro Gomi, the world’s foremost authority in dispensing of fecal matter, wrote a book about it, ever heard of a book?


(A great read by the way, very enlightening while keeping the humor in the subject.)

Anyways I guess in order to maintain professional, unbias journalism I have to include a picture of the incident.


Congratulations Astros fan, you’ve help to raise America’s quarterly unemployment rate.

All that being said, I’ll probably never order a sno cone again. Or a fudgesicle for that matter…for obvious reasons.

P.S. Poop humor is still funny.

-Sean Lite-

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