Plaxico Buress has Been Planning to Take Over the Sock Business for Years!


Look out Calvin Klein, the Plax is coming in hot with a line of socks that are going to absolutely burn the sock market to the ground! I’ve been wondering why Plax’s NFL production has been substantially lowered the last couple of years. Stupid me thought it was due to the self inflicted gunshot wound to the leg, or perhaps the sentence he served for carrying and discharging a weapon in a public place! How did I not see this coming?

“I’ve been planning my sock line from behind the scenes for a couple of years; nobody even knew I was doing it…So it’s a lot of hard work that got me to this point.”

He has spending years on this project, years! I bet you’re excited as I am, can’t wait to get my hands on the dozens of pairs of socks he’s spent the last few years working on. But, alas, we will be disappointed my friends. Plax has only designed four pairs. Just the four. Oh and here is the pair that Plax considers to be the “alpha dog”.


“The Spot Runner” -oh I just got that…

Hot fire Plax! Bravo! Four years of straight ingenuity right there, would’ve taken me at least 5 and that’s if I had double,  DOUBLE the time to sew in a jail as Plaxy did.

His next victims will be the belt, cufflink and bowtie industries.  Fair warning.

-Sean Lite-

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