Snapchat is slowly ruining my life

I want to like Snapchat. I really do. But I can’t. I don’t understand its purpose. Do we really need a fourth app to share pictures no one outside of your mother wants to see? Posting a picture of yourself drinking a coronarita on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram isn’t enough. Gotta Snapchat that shit. I’m assuming the conversation between the creators of Snapchat went something like this: Person A – “This generation is really socially awkward and only speak to each other through their phones, how can we turn them into complete robots?” Person B – “If only their was a FOURTH way for people to share pictures and completely ruin our sense of community!” Person A & B – “What about Snapchat!”. The conversation was probably nothing like that, but you get the point. The worst part about this satanic app is that the pictures erase after a few seconds. Why is that bad? When you have friends like mine, Snapchat becomes an endless cycle of people taking a shit and penis pics. ‘Merica.

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