Photographer Wants to Change Her Major to Prison Teacher

We all know Jodi Arias’ story. Girl next door. Growing up living the American dream. Life couldn’t get any better. She met a nice guy with a stable
Job who could support her while she pursued a career in photography.

Things turned sour however when her deep need to teach prisoners resurfaced after years of therapy to help suppress her thirst. Her boyfriend Travis caught the brunt of this relapse when he tried to stop her from tearing the “do not remove” tag off their mattress in order to be sent to jail and, thus, eventually realize her dreams of teaching the incarcerated.

Unfortunately for Trav he was killed in the struggle, but things are looking up for Jodi. Now all she needs to do is
hope the jury understands her thirst to educate convicts and allows her to spend the rest of her life in jail instead of 6 feet under.

Gotta admit, not the easiest way to realize your hopes and dreams but power to you Jodi. You got some real balls.

Get the whole story here.

-Sean Lite-

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