Kyle Love Has Everything but Love for the Pats. (See what I did there)

DT Kyle Love was recently cut from the New England Patriots presumably due to a test that confirmed he was diabetic. Almost directly afterwards, the Jacksonville Jaguars picked him up. And now he’s pissed. I guess I can understand that. That’s kind of like getting fired from Google to go work for McDonald’s and there is nothing you can do about it.

But he took it further. He’s quoted as saying “That’s how they [The Patriots] run their business up there; veteran guys who have been there for years and put in a lot of work get treated like rookies.”

He’s bitching that the Pats let him go for a non football related designation.

Also today in New England football news an all-time Patriots favorite was elected into the Pats hall of fame today. You may have heard of him, Teddy Bruschi.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “but, Sean Lite, why did you all the sudden switch to the Bruschi story.” Well, my friends, because Theodore also suffered from a non-football related designation*. A STROKE.

So Kyle Love, perhaps it wasn’t you’re newly discovered condition and simply because the team decided it was time for you to go. If the Patriots thought Teddy was okay after a god damn stroke I’m sure they would’ve given you a chance if you were worth it. Enjoy Jacksonville Mr. Love.

*A stroke could probably be considered a football related injury but fuck that because that kills my argument and Teddy B. is awesome.

-Sean Lite-

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