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Trailer Alert: The Newest ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Teaser Turns Up The Heat

We’ve officially entered ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ month, as ‘The Walking Dead’ prequel premiers on August 23. We’re still only getting teasers, which is fine, because I’d rather go into a new show knowing too little instead of seeing the entire series in the previews. In the latest teaser, the lights go out in LA, and for some reason the word ‘fear’ is spelled out in fire. That’s both haunting and stupid. If the walkers did that, it’s haunting, because it’s not enough that they’re eating humans, but now they’re taunting them with FIRE WORDS. If it’s the humans doing it, it’s kind of dumb. You should probably spend more time fleeing the zombies and less time building fire words. Either way, I’m ready.

– Ryan

The Minnesota Vikings Used An Interesting Picture To Celebrate ‘Family Day’ At Training Camp

I understand Adrian Peterson is far and away the Vikings biggest star, and maybe this was a PR ploy to get Peterson back in people’s good graces, but too soon Vikings. The guy just missed almost all of last season because of child abuse allegations. Maybe a picture of him kissing his kid isn’t the greatest idea. Maybe wait at least a year? I’m sure this is going to cause an uproar, and while I’m not going to get bent out of shape about it, this was a pretty dumb thing to do. Do less, Vikings.

– Ryan


Broad City’s Abbi Jacobson Absolutely Dominated On Lip Sync Battle

Now that’s how you lip sync. Abbi and Ilana from Comedy Central’s Broad City can do no wrong in my eyes, and it’s partially due to stuff like this. Abbi absolutely dominates the lip sync game in this video. 100% effort throughout the entire performance. She might have even been Jennifer Hudson in another life. I’m not ruling that out. The only thing that could’ve made this performance better would have been an appearance from ‘Val’.

– Ryan

Wrestling Legend & WWE Hall Of Famer “Rowdy” Roddy Piper Passed Away Late Last Week

It’s been a tough summer for wrestling legends. Less than two months after Dusty Rhodes passed away, and with the wrestling world still reeling, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper died at the age of 61 on Thursday night. Piper was, without a doubt, one of the greatest wrestling villains of all time. My favorite remembrance of Piper was tweeted by William Regal, and it summed up perfectly how we grow to really cherish these guys. As a dragon back in the early 80’s, with Hulk-a-mania running wild, it was Piper who was tasked with making sure people hated him so much that they almost fell in love with Hogan by default. He was vile, he was cocky, and he would win by any means necessary. The wrestling world of today lacks true villains, and as Jim Ross explained in his Piper tribute article, it’s mainly because the “heels” of today are more worried about being the cool bad guy instead of the hated one. Piper never cared about being cool (he wore a kilt to the ring) but became as cool as can be in the process. His famous line was “I was rowdy before rowdy was cool” and he couldn’t have been more right. If you inserted Piper into the Attitude Era, he might have gotten the same anti-authority response as Austin, but back in the early 80s, our heroes were clean cut and beloved, mostly because their foils were so abrasive. Piper soon became a dragon slayer, as do all the wrestling legends with age. You may not love him like a good guy, but are you really going to boo Roddy Piper in 2015? I don’t think so. Piper will go down as one of the greatest stars in the history of the wrestling business, and his legacy will not soon be forgotten. I’m sure WWE will have another great video tribute for Piper on Raw tonight, but I think I speak for everyone when I say I’d rather not watch the tribute if it meant still having the Hot Rod in this world.

– Ryan

Brady Showing the NFL He Gives ZERO

I’m not a Pats fan and even I know that the suspension is bullshit. Keep doing you, Brady.


(PS this is the ONLY one-handed catch I’m impressed with)

Ryan’s Gossip Circle: Amy Schumer & Jennifer Lawrence Are Best Friends & I’m Green With Jealous Rage

Ever since I watched Silver Linings Playbook for the 1000th time, I’ve been a big fan of Jennifer Lawrence. She’s talented, hot, and seems pretty down to earth. Maybe it’s all an act, but who cares. If I was a multi millionaire celebrity at TWENTY FOUR I’d probably be the biggest asshole in the world. I’d be Shia LaBeouf. Instead, she handles all the insanity with class and just keeps doing her thing. Same thing goes for Amy Schumer. She’s the star of her own sketch TV show and she just wrote and starred in her own movie (Trainwreck) which was absolutely hysterical. She’s on the top of the world, but she doesn’t give a shit about all that fame stuff either. She just wants to red jet ski’s with her maniac friend Jennifer Lawrence. While I’m eating under cooked steak tonight with 50 other guys, they’re both living the dream. God damn it am I jealous.

– Ryan

The Latest Shocking Twist In The Tom Brady/Deflate Gate Saga: Jets Fan Think The Patriots Are Cheaters

The Patriots training camp opened today, and a plane flew overhead with a banner reading “cheaters look up”. It’s a little unfair, since every time you see a prop plane with a banner in tow you’re going to look up, but I guess that’s what the Jets fans are into nowadays. It’s tough to blame them, because while every team in the AFC East has spent the off season getting significantly better, their team still has Geno Smith under center. But hey, at least their fans are clever!

– Ryan

Oh Good: The Waters Being Used For The Olympics In Rio de Janeiro Are Highly Contaminated With Human Feces

YumAthletes in next year’s Summer Olympics here will be swimming and boating in waters so contaminated with human feces that they risk becoming violently ill and unable to compete in the games, an Associated Press investigation has found.

An AP analysis of water quality revealed dangerously high levels of viruses and bacteria from human sewage in Olympic and Paralympic venues — results that alarmed international experts and dismayed competitors training in Rio, some of whom have already fallen ill with fevers, vomiting and diarrhea.

It is the first independent comprehensive testing for both viruses and bacteria at the Olympic sites.

Brazilian officials have assured that the water will be safe for the Olympic athletes and the medical director of the International Olympic Committee said all was on track for providing safe competing venues. But neither the government nor the IOC tests for viruses, relying on bacteria testing only.

Extreme water pollution is common in Brazil, where the majority of sewage is not treated. Raw waste runs through open-air ditches to streams and rivers that feed the Olympic water sites.

As a result, Olympic athletes are almost certain to come into contact with disease-causing viruses that in some tests measured up to 1.7 million times the level of what would be considered hazardous on a Southern California beach.

Messed Up

Of all things an Olympic athlete would want to swim through, I have to imagine human sewage is very low on the list. It might not even be on the list. I guess this is the risk you take putting the Olympics in Brazil, but this is obscene. Also. maybe test the waters and get this information out to the public BEFORE you choose where the Olympics are being held. Now you have people going there to train and getting sick because they’re swimming through human shit. The most shocking stat comes at the end, as some waters that were tested were up to 1.7 million times the level of hazardous conditions. 1.7 million! That’s an insane number no matter what you’re testing for, but when the tests include human feces, it’s downright nasty. I don’t know what the remedy for this is, and I know there isn’t one that’s going to make these waters safe by next year, so Mr. Olympic has some serious decisions to make.

– Ryan


Here’s Danny DeVito Walking A Dog In A Dress (The Dog, Not Danny DeVito)


I don’t know what this is for and I don’t care. I don’t need context in this situation. It’s Danny DeVito walking a dog who is wearing a dress. It’s wonderful. I used to think that DeVito was this great actor who turns in one of the most insane performances as Frank Reynolds on Always Sunny, but I think it’s pretty clear that he’s just batshit crazy.

– Ryan


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