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Ep 9 – Brock Lesnar Likes McDonald’s Breakfast

On this week’s show we talk Wrestlemania 31, TV shows, McDonald’s breakfast being served all day, and the anatomy of a walrus.

“Turbo Kid” Was The Best Movie I Saw at SXSW 2015


“Delightfully bloody” -Matt Vieira

The year is 1997, the location is the edge of a vast wasteland that “The Kid” calls home, His only companion is a girl he meets named Apple. After losing his parents in this post apocalyptic world, The Kid, Played by Munro Chambers, finds himself on his own with nothing but a underground fort and his comic books to keep him company. Sprinkle in a love interest (Apple), a futuristic, armwrestling cowboy, a one-eyed super villain, and a all the 80’s electronic music you can handle and you have “Turbo Kid”. Picture it like Mad Max on BMX bikes. When this hits theaters near you, or VOD, do yourself a favor and watch it. Be forewarned, it is filled with more blood than a butcher shop.

8.789/10 MattStarz


Turbo Kid was written and directed by: François SimardAnouk Whissell, and Yoann-Karl Whissell

May I Introduce To You The New Host Of The Daily Show, Trevor Noah

I knew when they announced who would be replacing Jon Stewart, no matter who they picked, I would never fully be onboard. How could Comedy Central even begin to replace Stewart? Having said that, I think Comedy Central went the right route here. Picking a up-and-comer with a sweet accent. All kidding aside, I wish Trevor the best of luck.


To Nobody’s Surprise Super Troopers 2’s Indiegogo Campaign Raised almost 2 Million Dollars in 24 Hours

super 2 copy

2 million in 24 hours?! I am not surprised by this AT ALL. This has been one of the most requested sequels of the past 20 years, easily. Figures we get 3 more Transformers movies before we get Super Troopers 2, but I’m just glad it’s happening! Get over to their Indiegogo campaign and pledge right meow! CLICK HERE


This TIE Fighter Fan-Film Makes You Root for the Empire

Never, ever, in my Star Wars fandom did I think i would root this hard for the Empire to succeed. Don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of Vader and his crew, but this is the first time I was actively pushing for the TIE Fighters to destroy the Rebel scum, and here’s why. First off, This is BEAUTIFULLY drawn and animated. I really can’t say enough good things about it. Reminds me of my favorite animated TV of all time, Gundam Wing. So hats off to Paul Johnson for making a stunning Star Wars fan-film. Now onto why I was rooting for R2-D2 to get his head blown off. The score was a perfect blend of evil and badass. The type of score that makes me want to so donuts in an empty parking lot while smoking a cigar. It was THAT good. It carried a certain emotional that had me relate to these badass Tie pilots as they swarmed out of their mothership. Which brings me to my favorite part of this short, The pilots themselves. Never in a Star Wars film do you get to see the faces of the enemy as they fly their fighters. This was so you could’t relate to them; it didn’t matter hat they looked liked, all that mattered was that they were the enemy and they needed to die! In that light this short turned that notion on its head! I was pleasantly surprised to see the blending of helmets and faces throughout this film. It made for a very unique aspect of the classic “dogfight” and I loved it. Kudos to all who were involved with this animated short, there are a lot of people in film industry that could learn from this. Let’s pray someone takes notice and gives this a full run of episodes.


The Undertaker is Winning My March Madness Pool

We talk WrestleMania, March Madness and wood sanding techniques!

– The Average Nobodies

Ep 8 – We Talk Wrestlemania and Learn Some New Words

We go through a preview for Wrestlemania and we expand our vocabulary thanks to The Doctah. This and more on this week’s podcast.

“Friday” – The Greatest Snapchat Movie Ever Made

The other day my brother threw together one of the best Snapchat stories I have ever seen. I immediately called him up to make sure he saved it to his phone so the world could see. Without further delay, Here it is.


Music Monday – Hero


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