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YES YES YES! I know I just blogged about this the other day, but this makes it so much more real! Love me some Muppets! If this doesn’t go for at least 100 seasons then Ryan, Bill Paxton, and I are going to have a protest outside ABC Studios. It won’t be pretty.


Let Carl Sagan Crawl Into Your Mind

If this doesn’t move you, even the tiniest bit, then you must not have a pulse. This puts our lives here on Earth into a perspective that cannot be seen by just looking out a window. Watch this video, maybe not right now, but later, when you are home and you have some quiet time. Sit down, put on some headphones and really LISTEN to the message.


PS- “We Humans Are Capable of Greatness” – Carl Sagan

If a Tree Falls in a Boston Public Park…

An 8-year-old child remains hospitalized in Boston after a large tree fell on him, and another young boy, as they played in a public park, authorities said. A surveillance camera captured the dramatic event on video.

I wish the two boys who were hurt during this incident a speedy recovery. Someone, somewhere is feeling the heat as this doesn’t seem like that freak of an accident. I feel like the Department of Public Works should probably monitor the health of trees directly adjacent to a kids playground. Tress don’t just fall during normal wind condition, they just don’t.


Music Monday – Van Halen

Over the weekend my brother and I were lucky enough to fall into possession of a large collection of vinyls. So we did what any level headed, music loving human would do; we had a record draft. Luckily for me, and for my brother, we both have VERY different tastes in music. I was able to score all the hair metal I could carry and he made away with a sizable stack of Doo-Wops and Motown. Here is one of my scores from the weekend.




Yesterday, ABC decided to stop pulling on our heartstrings and make it official by bringing The Muppets back to primetime. The new TV show, which has been picked up to series, will be a modern-day, documentary-style show that is said to have a more adult focus than in past iterations. Now, this isn’t to say that we’ll find Fozzie Bear shooting up heroin in his run-down Bushwick apartment after bombing at the Comedy Cellar; rather, it simply means that the series is looking to explore the lives of the Muppets outside of the stage, looking into their personal lives, triumphs, failures, relationships, and more. The series comes from writers Bill Prady and Bob Kushell, who also serve as executive producers alongside Randall Einhorn and Bill Baretta. According to Entertainment Weekly, the pilot presentation received a standing ovation from ABC executives. If anything I’ve heard about network executives is true, that should be damn near impossible. –


This is HUGE news! I actually heard about this revival a while ago, but wanted to wait to report on it until everything was official.

Kermit and the gang will be hitting ABC airwaves sometime at the end of this year, which is far too long, but i’ll deal. The Muppets are one of the few things from my childhood that gives me the same EXACT reaction now as the first time I watched them – pure, unaltered, enjoyment. I’m putting a DVR back in my house for this.


Fast and Furious Gets a Theme Park Ride


My sweet baby Bill Paxton, be still still my beating heart. Something tells me i’m going to be flying out to Hollywood on June 25 to be the first person on this ride. If I’m the first person in line I get to ride with Vin and The Rock, right? If that’s the case i’ll get in line now. Park attendant: “Excuse me sir, you can’t wait here, we are closing”. Me: “No, it’s fine, i’m meeting my friend Vin here.”


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Ep 12 – Don’t Get Hangry in Russia

This week on the Average Nobodies Show: Raw recap, strange facts, weird places to live, and we break the doctor.

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The Behind the Scenes Footage of “Mad Max: Fury Road” looks like a Circus

Mad Max like you’ve never seen it before!

Here’s a little BTS footage from the new Mad Max. All the practical effects makes me very excited for this movie to hit the silver screen.


McDonald’s Solves The Age Old Question: “How do I take my Big Mac on a Picnic?”


This is just pure inventive genius by Mickey Ds right here, because I’ve always said to myself “how the fuck am I suppose to eat my Big Mac and fries through a paper bag?” Alas! McDonald’s steps in and saves a dummy like me from 1237655852839253026looking like a fool in front of my friends. Really McDonald’s? This is what you have been cooking up in-between planning marketing around the yearly re-release of the McRib? You gotta do better than this! This isn’t even that clever. Here are the three ways I eat my McDonald’s: 1.) Inside the restaurant on a plastic tray. 2.) In my car out of the provided paper bag 3.) take my food home and dump it all over my kitchen table. Those are the three ways McDonald’s food gets consumed. Nobody has time to start making origami with the bag it comes in.


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