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I Hate JJ Watt (But not really)

Listen, I got nothing personal against the guy, but the media has destroyed him over the past year and a half. usually that wouldn’t bother me, because the media kills athletes on the reg. Just over hyping ever single thing he/she does (OBJ is next). It’s one thing for the media to over analyze a players life, but when the player starts biting and riding the wave of fame that the media outlets are creating then I have a problem. JJ, you are a freak of nature, and absolute monster in the NFL, why do you need to do this shit. This video is CLEARLY fake (and cheesy to boot). Just keep your head down and hustle hard. Celebrate hardcore on the field and leave this acting to the guys behind the desk of NFL network.

Can’t wait to watch this slug of a human get overpaid to show us touchdown highlights. HOW MUCH EAISER CAN A JOB BE?



Music Monday – “Marvin Gaye” – Charlie Puth ft. Meghan Trainor

Iv’e been on the Charlie Puth bandwagon ever since he made me cry like a newborn baby with his song “See You Again”. This song is probably going to be the next big hit, doesn’t hurt that he hitched his wagon to Meghan Trainor.


Rick Ross Kidnaped Our Pizza Hut Delivery Driver

Rick Ross is on a roll, and that roll has a hotdog crust.

Will Rick Ross switch to apples? and will we try the new Pizza Hut #HotDogPizza?

-The Average Nobodies

Trailer Alert – Daddy’s Home

Mark and Will are back!


If they have even an OUNCE of the chemistry they had in “The Other Guys” then this is going to be a cinematic masterpiece.


Anyone remember this from about 5 months back? Well this is the movie it was for.

Music on a Wednesday – Lakehouse

A little Of Monsters And Men to get your Wednesday going.

Let’s Play Splatoon #2 – I Suck Again!

I suck again!

Be gentle…


‘New Horizons’ Gets a Hype Video

I love that we are finally showing Pluto some affection!

Let’s Play Splatoon #1 – I Suck At This Game

Someone give me some pointers! I suck so bad.


Trailer Alert – “Fear the Walking Dead”

Calling all Walking Dead fans!



Ok, this doesn’t give you much, but at least it’s better than a radio broadcasters voice. I have to admit this looks and feels a lot different from “The Walking Dead”. What do you think?



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