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Odell Beckham Jr. Can Cry Me A River. His One-handed Catch Record is Already Broken

Hey bro, why don’t you set the bar a little higher next time. I’m not saying it isn’t impressive, but if you are going to set a record make it something so impressive that it can’t be broken less than 24 hours later. I can feel the internet surging with one-handed catch videos now. I am going to predict that in a weeks time some schmuck from florida will have done a 100+ catch video. You watch. Ice Bucket challenge all over again.


Trailer Alert – TED 2

The only thing i’m left wondering is what the hell happened to Mila Kunis?! I’ll still go see it.


Indiana Jones = Chris Pratt? What do you think?

It’s reboot city today! Looks like Chris Pratt got the jump on Bradley Cooper and beat him out to be the next Indiana Jones, which is……..AWESOME. Listen, I realize that we have yet to see Chris Pratt’s full range of acting chops, but for him to play Indy the only reference I need is Guardians of the Galaxy. Lets be real here, Peter Quill is basically an outer-space version of Dr. Jones (maybe a stretch). I think Chris will blend the funny with the action like he has been doing since Burt Macklin came on the scene.

I give it my “Seal of Approval”


Trailer Alert – Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four is easily my favorite super group (Ninja Turtles are an extremely close second) so this movie had me writhing with excitement from the second they named the cast. Personally, I think that the first crew of Fantastics didn’t get the proper chance to thrive. They were in the weird pre-Avengers Hollywood landscape (same place Toby Maguire’s Spiderman lived…and died) that didn’t really support longevity. In steps a cast of some of the youngest and hottest tinsel town has to offer and BOOM, The Fantastic Four are back in business! Could we see cross over Spiderman movies in the future? Um, i’m thinking YES.


P.S. Hey Marvel, i’m still waiting on my audition as the next super villain.

Music Monday – Avenged Sevenfold

I wanted to pick a song that would truly parallel the weather in the northeast over the next few days. If you didn’t know, or don’t live here we are getting a huge blizzard. I couldn’t find anything besides christmas songs so here’s A7X

Monster Blog – Fantasy Bands

Everyone has their favorite musicians. Some come from very different genres of music and would never cross vocal or musical sound waves, but what if, for one day, you could have those musicians and singers combine for one mega show? That is what we did on this week’s Monster Blog. Here we go!

The Dementors

the dementors

This was probably a combination of the easiest decisions I’ve ever had to make. Sam Smith on the vocals is a no brainer. I just saw him at MSG and he has the voice of an angel wrapped inside another angel. Prince on the guitar is a bit of a wildcard and keeps everyone on their toes, plus if we ever need backup vocals we have PRINCE. Louie Armstrong on the trumpet instead of a bass player because if your band doesn’t have a trumpet I’m not sure what the point is. Keith Moon on the drums because someone needs to party with the band manager, The Iron Sheik. Since Sam Smith is the vocalist, the band would have a soulful blues type of sound, but with Louie on the trumpet we can get really weird when we need to. Maybe record a song or two with Sam, Louie and Prince on vocals? Dabble in this, dabble in that. I honestly just really want to hear The Iron Sheik call everyone he comes into contact with a ‘raisin dick’.

– Ryan

Freddy’s Crew

Freddy's crew

Let me start by saying that no matter what hypothetical situation we did for this week’s monster blog I was going to pick Freddy Mercury. I have been on a mega Queen kick for approximately the last 22 years so The mustachio melody maker was a no brainer. For my drummer the man from Rush and arguably greatest drummer of all-time, Neil Peart, was a solid choice. On Bass I selected the man who single handedly changed the 4 stringed axe, Les Claypool. If you have ever listened to the band Primus then you know how crucial the bass was to their sound. For lead guitar I went with the guy I idolized growing up, Joe Perry. Aerosmith was and still is my favorite rock and roll band, so the man behind the vocals and solos from ‘Mama Kim’ was obviously my selection. And to manage this squad of talented gentlemen? Artie Lange. Sure, he may be unstable and on the verge of a heart attack, but nobody would get us more money per venue than him. This band is built for one thing, and one thing only…classic rock covers. Cover bands are so hot right now!


Music Tuesday – Primus

Everyone might remember Primus for their legendary Bass player, Les Claypool, but what you might not remember is this version of “The Devil Went Down To Georgia” accompanied by claymation music video. Enjoy!


Oscar Nominations are in!


Click here for the 2015 Oscar Noms! Like last year we will be creating our own ballots so you can play along at home!


The GREATEST Exit From a Reality Show Ever!

Give this guy some credit here, he is on a unknown reality show and he gets voted out with a substantial amount of people still left. I don’t know one thing about this reality show, but from the clip I can gather that if you win then your debt gets erased. Keep you chin up man, something tells me you will land a gig somewhere, maybe reciting Sly movie quotes or flexing on the streets of LA until you pass out…



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