12 comments on “The Rock Premiered The New “Hercules” Trailer on Twitter And It Looks Insane

  1. What. The. Duck. “Insane” is the perfect adjective.

    Didn’t Hollywood just make a Hercules movie? Secondly… At least it will cover his Twelve Labors. I’m dorking out right now, but I’m glad there will be “some” mythological aspect.

  2. And it sounds like he will be trying to use an accent. Kudos to The Rock! I appreciate a actor–one you can’t expect much from–who actually tries. Cruise could not even hold an accent for Valkyrie.

    • it’s definitely going to be enjoyable. and from what I’ve read he really got into the role filming in Budapest I think. I’ll give it a watch just because you can tell he’s not going through the motions. whenever you can see someone kill a giant lion you just have to

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