A Meme Is Born – Matthew McConaughey Reacts To The New Star Wars Trailer

I don’t think this will be nearly as popular as the Randy Orton RKO video memes or the Jim Ross commentator memes, but I can’t wait to see what people do with it.


The Little Boy Asking To ‘Pet The Titties’ Because He Can’t Pronounce The Letter ‘K’ Is My New Favorite Person

Little kids with speech impediments for the win. I didn’t know pronouncing your K’s as T’s was a thing but now I that I know it is I want to wrangle up all the kids in the world with this speech problem and surrounding them with a thousand cats. Just have everyone asking me to pet the titties and have the best day of my life. This video is proof that little kids are hilarious and cannot do anything wrong. If I asked someone to pet the titties I’d be in a nice padded cell, but this kid is going to be a YouTube darling for years to come.

– Ryan


It’s Still Early, But Rockies Third Baseman Nolan Arenado Might Have Himself A Catch Of The Year Candidate

The MLB season is only a few weeks old, but we’ve already had some tremendous catches. Anytime someone robs a home run, they usually get my vote, but this catch by Nolan Arenado has a difficult level of about 1,000 but he still pulls it off. There’s so much foul ground in San Francisco, and you also have to avoid the bullpen pitching mounds as well. Arenado sprints right towards the mound and seats and makes the  catch while simultaneously ramming into the tarp. Then his instincts take over and he makes a solid throw to third to try and throw out the runner tagging up from second base. That’s one hell of a baseball play. We might get better catches this year, but I doubt we’re going to see someone put forth a better effort than Nolan.

– Ryan

Uber Is Introducing A ‘Sixth Star’ Award For Exceptional Drivers And Sounds Like The Best Company In The World To Work For

StarUber is the poster child for disruption and technological innovation. Yet with a new program meant to inspire its drivers, the 6-year-old startup is deploying a pretty old-school tactic: an employee-of-the-week award for drivers.

There’s a bit of a twist though — Uber drivers aren’t technically company employees.

Each week, Uber awards two drivers a Sixth Star for exceptional service. Winners get a $1,000 American Express gift card, some corporate schwag — hat, medal of honor, etc. — and public recognition for being awesome.

“We want to recognize service for which our five-star rating system is simply not enough,” Uber vice president David Richter told The Huffington Post in an email, referring to how the ride-share app lets customers rank drivers on a scale of one to five stars.

Marketing and management experts said the program, which was just expanded globally, has the potential to inspire drivers, and signals to customers that Uber values drivers.

That's Good

I love Uber. Their app, their service, their drivers; everything they do is excellent. The company is now worth $41 BILLION, so they’re deciding to give back to their best drivers. $1,000 gift cards to their best drivers not only entices the drivers to be prompt and professional, but as the article states above, it let’s it’s customers know that they value their drivers as well. It goes without saying that the creators and executives for Uber are geniuses, but this move is hopefully going to keep them successful for years to come. Also, how great must it be to be an Uber driver? You’re getting paid to drive around in the comfort of your own car, and you get to meet all sorts of insane people. One of my Uber drivers told me a story about how one time he picked up a  bunch of girls from a bachelorette party and they were just out of control, flashing everyone and everything that came their way. Sign me up for that goodness.

– Ryan

Trailer Alert – “ROAR”

When this came across my desk (my iPhone) this morning I wasn’t sure what to think of it. These people living on their own in the middle of nowhere is  crazy enough, now through in a few hundred giant jungle cats and you are bordering on insanity. At first, I thought this would be a feel good “nature vs. nurture” type of animal movie. The kind that shows these vicious beasts could be trusted….I thought that until “If Disney made The Swiss Family Robinson into a snuff film” critique. Sure enough, this movie isn’t at all what I thought. Here’s my question though, how in the name of Bill Paxton do you control that many wild animals on the set of a movie? I feel like 99% of this movie was freestyled and the actors were just trying to stay alive while on the set. Also, how the HELL do you insure a movie like this? I can see the proposal to the insurance company now…”Yeah so it’s this movie in the middle of the jungle and we have 150+ lions and tigers attacking humans……..CGI? No, they’re real lions and tigers.”

“No animals were harmed in the making of this movie”, ok, but what about humans?



Here is a live look at some behind the scenes/actual footage from the movie. Something tells me the blood is real.

All Nippon Airways Is Celebrating The New Star Wars Movie With A Star Wars Themed Airplane


This is pretty spectacular. I’ve never seen Star Wars (sorry in advance), but I’m all for cross brand marketing. I doubt Star Wards needs the publicity from the famed ‘All Nippon Airways’, but who cares. I want Star Wars everything ahead of the movie coming out. Star Wars underwear, Star Wars cars, Star Wars computers, Star Wars toothbrushes. Anything that can be branded with Star Wars should be. While I’ve never seen the movies, the people who have are almost cult like in their adoration for the films, and that’s something I can get behind. The grand finale of these advertisements should be Harrison Ford’s face on the back of every public transportation vehicle in the world. Just don’t let him anywhere near this plane.

– Ryan

H/T USA Today

TRAILER ALERT – Star War: The Force Awakens Teaser #2

Be still my beating heart, Chewy and Han are back! This is going to be so awesome! I’m going to watch this roughly 7,000,000,000 times, or until the movie comes out, whatever comes first.


PS – “My father has it”……HAS?!?!?!?!?!

UPDATE – Dennis Quaid’s Outburst Was Kind Of A Hoax After All

Dennis Quaid you tricky son of a bitch. Earlier in the week Dennis Quaid “freaked out” on a movie set and cursed everyone out. Well it turns out that just like everything else in the world, it was a prank. A finely executed prank, might I add. Nowadays when something like this happens people call it bullshit right away, and rightfully so. Funny or Die, Jimmy Kimmel, the YouTube pranksters that rushed the ring overseas at Smackdown; everything is a joke. What I liked about this prank is that it wasn’t really a prank, it just kind of played on our psyches. When you hear Dennis Quaid yelling like this, you’re mind immediately jumps to the conclusion that he’s a spoiled actor who’s yelling at these poor crew members for no reason. Well it turns out there was actual horse shit, crew members dressed as zombies and a guy in a penis costume all right out of our views, so Dennis Quaid was right all along. Now all he needs to do is get back on Ellen and all will be right with the world. DENNIS QUAID IS HERE!

H/T NY Daily News

Insane Instagram Comments: Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson


The Rock goes out of his way, more so than any other celebrity I can think of, to be nice and accommodating to his fans. He’s always mentioning his fans on Instagram or taking pictures with people who idolize him at the gym, but I think even The Rock would have a hard time answering @bae_unknown_. It seems like this Instagram commenter had more to say but decided to just end his thought mid sentence. This isn’t the most outrageous comment we’ve seen by a long shot, but it is kind of insane. If you’re going to take the time comment on someone’s Instagram, at least have it make a little sense. The Rock is such a genuine guy he’d probably take you out for steak and tequila if you could form a coherent sentence. Until then, keep asking questions without question marks.

– Ryan


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