Trailer Alert – ‘Get Hard’, Which Is Surprisingly Not A Pornographic Film

I hope whoever named this movie did it ironically, because you can’t name something ‘Get Hard’ and have it not be a porno. That just makes no sense. Anyway, Will Ferrell is a rich white man and Kevin Hart is a middle class black man (?) who finds Will Ferrell’s keys one day. Then Will Ferrell gets sentenced to 10 years in prison for fraud, and while he’s waiting to be sent there, he asks the only black person he knows to teach him what it’s like in prison. This movie is not racist at all. The trailer doesn’t look particularly funny, but I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt because it has Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart in it. Still kind of upset it isn’t a porno, though.

- Ryan

This GIF Of Kevin Owens Spiking Adrian Neville With A DDT Should Be Enough To Get You To Watch Last Night’s NXT

I’m not going to get long winded and tell you why you should watch NXT, but Kevin Owens fought Adrian Neville in the main event, and the match itself as well as the post match happenings were great, AGAIN. Watch NXT and love wrestling again.

- Ryan

H/T Cageside Seats

Rajon Rondo is Heading To The Mavericks, & Mark Cuban Is Ready To Win Another Title

RRThe Celtics traded point guard Rajon Rondo to Dallas on Thursday night, cutting ties with the last remnant of Boston’s last NBA championship while giving Dirk Nowitzki and the Mavericks a chance at another title.

The Celtics are sending the All-Star point guard and forward Dwight Powell to Dallas for Brandan Wright, Jae Crowder, Jameer Nelson and draft picks.

Boston will also receive a conditional first-round pick in the 2015 draft and a second-rounder in 2016, as well as a $12.9 million trade exception.


Mark Cuban wants another NBA championship, and he wants it now. When Dirk Nowitzki took the hometown discount to stay with Dallas this offseason, Cuban promised he would build a championship contender around him. With the trade for Rajon Rondo now complete, that’s exactly what Mark Cuban has done. The Dallas Mavericks are 19-8 this season. They’re statistically the best offense in the league, and have one of the best starting fives in the league minus their point guard. One of those things is about change. Rajon Rondo is a great point guard. He leads the league in assists, and now he has guys like Monta Ellis, Dirk Nowitzki and Chandler Parsons at his disposable, as well as unlimited alley-oop opportunities with Tyson Chandler. The Mavs lose starting point guard Jameer Nelson and reserves Brandon Wright and Jae Crowder, as well as future draft picks. They basically traded their starting, incredibly ineffective point guard and a very good backup center for a top 5 point guard. I’d rather have to search for a backup center to eat minutes then a starting point guard, and it seems Cuban and the Mavs would agree. I don’t know how much of a difference Rondo will make in their half court defensive game, but having a true point guard who can control the tempo of the game and cut down on turnovers will help limit fast breaks and easy points for the other team. The starting five of Rondo, Ellis, Parsons, Nowitzki and Chandler now rival any starting five in the league, and their league best average of 110 points per game somehow just got better. Besides their defensive woes, the Mavs big challenge has been winning against the other top tier teams in the West. Adding an all-star point guard like Rondo can only help them in that department.

- Ryan

The ‘Colbert Report’ Ended It’s Magical Run Last Night With A Song & Basically Every Guest It’s Ever Had

Stephen Colbert, like Jon Stewart before him, changed the way we viewed the news. Before guys like Stewart and Colbert, the news was portrayed in two ways: the gloomy, depressing approach that local and national nightly shows took or the jokey, light hearted approach that late night talk show hosts used. Stewart and Colbert were able to combine these two approaches into a thirty minute TV show that never, ever disappointed. It was an intellectual discussion on politics and world events mixed with the best writing staffs on television. What other show could feature the host having a discussion with Smaug on one show and then the next night have Henry Kissinger sitting in the same chair talking politics? Colbert the person will be heading to take over for David Letterman on CBS, but Colbert the character will always be remembered for making the news fun while still staying smart and informative. He influenced a generation of people for the better, and that’s not something that no one will ever be able to deny. Last night his run ended, as Randy Newman, Jon Stewart, and what seemed like every guest Colbert has ever had on his show showed up to send him off in style. While Colbert the character will be missed, I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us on Late Night. Farwell, Stephen Colbert. We’ll meet again some sunny day (in September).

- Ryan

P.S. The only other song I would’ve accepted here? Short people:

My Work Christmas Party

We are heading out to bowl in a little bit. Here is how I see it going.


WWE’s Version Of The ’12 Days Of Christmas’ Is The Only Version You Need

This is what a Christmas song should be: quick and to the point. I don’t need four verses about how I should be jolly or telling me my grandmother got murdered by a rogue reindeer. Give me some divas, Lana and Rusev crushing things, Cesaro with a heartbeat and Dean Ambrose’s beautiful singing voice. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

- Ryan

Sony Pulls ‘The Interview’ From Theaters, And I Don’t Know What Kind Of World We Live In Anymore

InterviewSony Pictures is pulling The Interview from its Dec. 25 release date, the studio announced in a statement on Wednesday.

The decision was the depressing climax to a weeks-long nightmare after Sony Pictures Entertainment suffered on Nov. 24 a massive and unprecedented hack of roughly 100TB of embarrassing, sensitive, and confidential data. On Monday, the group claiming responsibility for the hack, who call themselves Guardians of Peace,threatened theaters that plan on showing the film The Interview — which depicts the assassination of North Korea leader Kim Jong Un. “We will clearly show it to you at the very time and places ‘The Interview’ be shown, including the premiere, how bitter fate those who seek fun in terror should be doomed to,” the group said in a statement. “Remember the 11th of September 2001.”

Evoking the 9/11 attacks for a movie scheduled for release on Christmas appeared to be the rhetorical touch necessary to doom the movie from reaching theaters. Sony canceled all press for the film, including its New York premiere, and reportedly told exhibitors that the studio would not object if they chose not to screen the movie. Within 24 hours, that is exactly what happened, with the top four theater chains — Regal, AMC, Cinemark, and Carmike — all electing to pull the film from their theaters.


It’s going to be easy to place blame for what happened here. Some people are going to blame the theater chains for pulling ‘The Interview’ from their theaters, thus giving in to the hacker’s demands. And some people are going to blame Sony, for the pulling the movie itself, giving in to the hacker’s demands, and capping off a what had to be a horribly bizarre week for everyone involved with ‘The Interview’. Even the hackers themselves, upset with the fictional depiction of Kim Jong-un in the movie, decided to place blame first. They hacked personal and private emails, then made the now famous threat that has basically destroyed our freedom of speech. Is this really the world that we live in? No one wants to takes responsibility for their actions, and all this blaming has lead to us giving into the ridiculous demands of hackers. I do have a question for the theater chains and Sony, though. Did you really think something was going to happen here? Did you really think the same hackers who hacked into an email database would all of a sudden escalate their actions into a coordinated murderous terrorist attack? I’m no cyber terrorist expert, but if someone explicitly tells you their plans, both what the they plan to do and when they plan to do it, they’re probably bluffing. I can’t imagine many terrorist plans would be successful if they announced their attacks beforehand, but that’s what they did here, and we fell for it. The most upsetting part is that the movie industry has been making films about world leaders FOREVER. Anyone remember this film?

That was the god damn movie poster! ‘The Interview’s’ main stars are Seth Rogen and James Franco. They are the two men on the movie poster. Neither of them are Kim Jong-un. I can go on and on about how absurd this is, and every movie site or blog is hopefully going to write the same thing, but it really is a sad day for the movies. This is going to be a popular phrase that gets thrown around until this thing dies down, but this is a horrible precedent to set, especially in the year 2014. Pulling ‘The Interview’ from theaters gives every nut job with a grudge the idea that if they don’t like something, they can protest or make threats and they’ll get what they want. The bad guys won.

- Ryan

Drake Introduces the Toronto Raptors During “Drake Night”

I will admit, I was the first person on the hate wagon when it came to Drake and the Toronto Raptors, but after watching the intros he gave to the starting lineup of the Raps last night, I am down with Drake being the unofficial/official mascot of his hometown team. Get after it, Raps! #WeTheNorth


Chris Pratt Pays Tribute to Little Sebastian at the ‘Parks and Recs”‘ Wrap Party, Because I Needed to Cry at My Desk Today

We already know Chris Prat is awesome, so this is just icing on the cake. Let me ask you a question, how sad do you think I am that Parks and Recs is ending; scale from 1 to 10 (10 being the saddest)……If you guessed anything lower than “456” then you are wrong. Parks and Recs filled the hole that “The Office” left in my heart (I wish I knew how to quit you, Michale Scott), but now that it is coming to and end I don’t know what to do with myself. I think on the series finale I will brush off the old guitar and sing my very own Pawnee tribute. It won’t sound as glorious as Mr. Pratt singing, or as smooth as Nick Offerman playing the guitar, but it will be from the heart. I’m going to do it on the roof of my house so the whole world can hear.


PS – Here is the trailer to the farewell season…..(Sad face)


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